Barbie LíHoste

It could be said that throughout life there exists a continual loss of innocence, which occurs with the gain of each experience one has. Some of the memories of these experiences may be repressed partially or in full, but exist somewhat abstractly in our thought. For me, struggling for the recollection of those pertinent experiences due to the pace of contemporary life is a persistent one. Nostalgia is a feeling that creeps into the five senses unexpectedly only to leave you longing wistfully for the past. The betraying images, within the work, interact with the sentimental imagery and are not based on particular instances, but on the fusion of reality and the abstract world that each of us inhabit. Embracing a more intuitive method of working, while focusing on the desensitization of the human condition, enable the work to become narratives both personal and open for interpretation.

Within my process, there are several elements that provoke the paintings. There's the usual: my magnificent yet suddenly evolving city, my daughter, the human condition, environmental turmoil, etc. A few of my current sources of inspiration are social networks, online fetishes, and whether/how people choose to portrait themselves on social media. The layers of characters in my paintings and the way their personality characteristics are perceived by the view is a parallel to the way individuals make assumptions about one anotherís personality types and celebrity personas via social media profiles. In the same way that we have access to discover limitless virtual environments, I strive to create abstract landscapes for these characters, or personalities, to perform within. I don't usually share my interpretation of their stories with the viewer in order to prevent any prescribed meaning. I feel the viewer should relate their personal experience and their own metaphors and relationships within the work.

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